Born. 2008: Los Angeles

Robbie G

Guitar and Singer


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Jun. 1974: Manhattan Bridge Tower, Brooklyn

Brooklyn, a quintessential 19th-century American city, boasts great bridges linking it to Manhattan, bustling streets, and a mix of habitation and aesthetics. Its ‘worst’ neighbourhoods preserve some of America’s finest architecture, resisting demolition.

Jun. 1972: Teenager, Second Ward, El Paso

In 1972, El Paso teenagers were shaped by U.S. cultural, political upheaval – the Vietnam War, civil rights, and Watergate. The city’s border location and rich, diverse history significantly influenced their daily experiences.

Aug. 1973: Tourists in Buggy, Silver Lake State Park

Around 1973, the park would have been known for its distinctive features and recreational opportunities, drawing visitors from across the state and beyond.

May 1972: Railroad and Transmission Lines, Salton Sea

By around 1972, this area was already embedded in a network of transportation and utility corridors that reflected both its historical significance and its attempts at economic development.


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